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Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game APK Free Download for Android

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Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

  • Uploaded: 01 December, 2018
  • Updated: December 2, 2018
  • Package ID: com.globalfun.tj2015.google
  • File Size: 41MB
  • Latest Version: 1.1.73-google

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game APK Full Version Free Download for Android

In that exciting Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game , cheese is everywhere and you are on a mission as Jerry to get all the cheese. During the completion of that cheese hunt you need to be careful, as Tom is in complete control and prowling everywhere to safeguard the cheese. In that amazing fun between cat and mouse you are helping Jerry to collect cheese by avoiding Tom. This game contains fun-packed levels and you will definitely enjoy that cat and mouse hide and seek. To stay one step ahead in the game you need to collect household’s objects and use power-ups as well.

Features of tom and jerry mouse maze app

During the hunt of cheese, you need to keep an eye on Tom and his fellows as they cut your tail while you are on hunt for cheese. We are bringing hunt game for you of most popular and funny cartoon series to play on your android phones or tablets. Likewise the cartoon series in that game Jerry is always looking for cheese which is everywhere on the maze. Tom has the mission in hand to make that cheese hunt difficult for Jerry and he is everywhere in the maze to capture you (Jerry) and to stop you from getting cheese.

All the power ups and household objects are also available for you during the cheese hunt to stay one step ahead from your opposition Tom. Your mission in that game while playing the role of Jerry is to get all of the cheese in the maze by keeping yourself safe from tom. Tom and Jerry mouse maze app will surely give you great exciting experience of playing hunt game between cat and mouse (Tom and Jerry). The Tom is always after your tail so beware of his attack and safe yourself from his capture. Keep moving saving Jerry from Tom otherwise you can’t access towards the cheese and unable to complete your hunt.

Tom and Jerry Game Free Download for Android Apk

You are able to download this amazing and exciting game for Android smartphone and tablets. But if you are desktop user and want to get this amazing application for PC, then you can also get it installed on PC using bluestacks or any alternative application. Always visit our platform of APK basket to download exciting applications and games like that amazing mouse maze app.

There are 110 levels in Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game. And you have to complete that all by avoiding all the traps of Tom and his attacks. The magic hats, vases and transport tunnels and other objects are also available for you to make it easy for you to keep Jerry safe and get the cheese as early as possible.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game is available in different languages such as Russian, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Brazilian. You can feel free to contact us if you are facing any issues regarding that application. You need to tell us the OS version and all the details with the issue that you are facing to overcome your issue and enjoy the game with complete authority.

There are also options available for you if you want to enhance your gaming experience by purchasing additional in game items. By adjusting your android settings you can disable the app purchases if you are not interested in that. There are some ads may also include on that application of other products or applications from cartoon networks.

Get the APK File of Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game  now using Download link given below.

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