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Siempo APK v0.1.3.2 Latest Version Download for Android

Siempo - The Phone for Humans

  • Uploaded: May 28, 2018
  • Updated: May 28, 2018
  • Package ID: co.siempo.phone
  • File Size: 6.0MB
  • Latest Version:
  • What's New:
    - Dark/Light mode support with a custom background image.
    - Added search bar for Junk food flagging, Favorite selection, Tool AppAssignment screen.
    - Improved UI & Performance.
    - Resolved sound profile issue while "Tempo" is running.
    - Fixed few crashes.

Welcome to Siempo’s Beta Launch!

“We need more redesigns of core device interfaces. Siempo is one of the first and has worked very hard for a long time 👏” – Tristan Harris, The Center for Humane Technology

“We’re addicted to our phones. Look at your phone as tool not an obligation.” 👑- Kanye West

The Siempo Home App transforms any smartphone into a healthier digital experience. Batch notifications, calm your home screen, create distance between distracting apps and more in order to prevent unconscious use and live a life of deeper focus, presence and human connection.

Inspired and endorsed by The Center for Humane Technology, Siempo is both the protective gear needed to navigate our attention-grabbing digital world, and the friendly mentor to help build better tech habits.

Key Features:

Notification Tempo
Get notifications batched at set intervals. On the half hour, top of the hour, or once a day like the mail. Select specific apps that may interrupt you.

Enlightened Home Screen
Siempo replaces the stock Android home screen with a calmer, less distracting interface. More of a zen garden than a Times Square. Customize with a calm image.

Intention Setting
From the home screen you can personalize a message you will see every time you unlock your phone. What would be skillful for you to read dozens of times per day?

Tidy App Menus
Tiered menu system keeps your tools and favorites closer by, and your distracting apps further away.

Muted App Icons
Unbranded and greyscale app icons prevent you from getting sidetracked and accumulating cognitive load on the way in/out of your phone.

App Scrambling
Randomize the location of your distracting apps to prevent unconscious opens and usage.

Siempo is free for limited time while in beta. We plan on charging for the final product and will never monetize users’ attention with advertisements.

Get it on:
google play logo
5.0 and up

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