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SD Maid APK Latest Download for Android

sd maid

SD Maid apk is a maid for your android, to keep it clean and tidy. SD Maid is yet another device
cleaning application offered by darken. It is like many other apps available on the android play
store but apart from that, it has a wide range of tools and features to manage your device apps
and files.

SD Maid  apk is a free application which helps you to keep your device clean and tidy. The storage on
your android device is filled with the files which are of no use to you. They rather cause your
device to crash. Logs, crash reports and temporary files which you do not need are constantly
being created in your device storage. These files are left behind in your storage as you uninstall
an application. Here SD Maid will help you remove unrecognized directories and files to boost
your device speed.

This app provides many features such as it browses your whole device and manipulates files
through a full-fledged file explorer, removes superfluous files from your system, manages
installed user and system apps, detects files formerly belonging to uninstalled apps, searches for
files by name, content or date, obtains a detailed overview of your devices storage and optimizes
databases. It does actual app cleaning and removes expendable files which supersedes what
others may call, cache cleaning It detects duplicate pictures, music or documents, independent
of name or location and runs tools automatically on a schedule or via widgets.

The app’s new update v4.9.5 has increased its rating on the playstore which includes updated
translations, updated clutter definitions, improved thumbnails filter and fixed the scheduler
reboot option for resetting. SD Maid is user friendly and also provides quick access for instant
cleaning. The app has gained major popularity with ten million downloads.

Download now SD Maid APK file for your Android device using link provided below


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