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MoboMarket is an appstore, just like Google’s playstore, Amazon’s appstore and Mobogenie etc. Mobomarket is developed by moborobo with over 800k applications it is also one of the best appstores available in the market, it has all the amazing apps in it available for you to download. It is a good alternative from playstore or other appstores, with its unique features you can say that it is one of a kind appstore.

MoboMarket  gives you the hot and famous apps from all over the world and it has a team of its developers which hand pick applications to give you the best of the best. The recommended section is something you can blindly trust cuz all the apps there are tested and checked by their team and then those apps are put in that section.

Another good feature of MoboMarket appstore is that it can give you all the applications related to your local area like which applications are most popular in your area at the moment. You just have to let them know about your location and you are done, they will generate a list of apps for you. Unlike other appstores MoboMarket is completely safe from malware which makes this appstore completely safe for your android device.

MoboMarket has some unique and cool features

  • Its totally free! You don’t have to pay a single penny for it.
  • The layout is cooler than other Appstores.
  • It Lists all the hot apps and games for you.
  • You will get Personalized recommendations
  • Easy App installation, complete backup, syncing and much more.
  • Get to Discover the new apps which you don’t know already.
  • Grab the latest games and cool apps that are going viral among Android users
  • The app is multilingual.

Download now the Mobomarket Android App Store APK file below and install your favorite apps or game for free from the store.


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