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GaGaHi APK v2.0.3 Latest Free Download for Android


  • Uploaded: 01 December, 2018
  • Updated: December 1, 2018
  • Package ID: com.zoneyet.gagahi
  • File Size: 26MB
  • Latest Version: 2.0.3
  • What's New:
    1, optimize the known bugs, let you use more smoothly
    2, optimize the product UI, increase your visual effects
    3, improve user needs, let you participate in the GaGaHi revision upgrade

Download GaGa chat app (also known as Gagahi) for Android 4.0.3 and up

GaGa is an chat app for Android and iOS devices, available to free download and use. Its latest version is released recently with some improvements. Its APK file is now available to direct download from here our website.

New version of GaGaHi opens the new era of video translation social intercourse. Original videos make your life lively, explore splendid moments, and seek for friends with same interests around the globe

GaGaHi is a cross-language live chat real-time translation social platform, where you can “Say Hi” to the world.

With the help of other people to catchup with splendid moments around the world. Let you explore interesting things, look for guidance. Millions of users joined GaGaHi to share excitements around any time any where, via text, pictures and videos, let you catch up with all the splendid moments!

1. Encounter: GaGaHi users spread over more than 180 countries and regions, here you can encounter German handsome, US spice girls, Korea guys, Japan cute girls and other exotic friends, and communicate without language barriers, as well as understand the culture around the world, widen the horizon, enrich experience, develop global view, and communicate with the whole world.

2. Translation: Multi-language intelligent instant translation, supporting online intelligent translation for 8 languages and additional Traditional Chinese, which include English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and so on. Communicate across language barriers, and chat with global friends freely and unlimitedly anytime anywhere.

3. GaGatalk:Close language partners, with interest as a point of discussion, so that you easily learn another language, with you to practice the language.

4. Feeds: If you want to travel abroad, study abroad or immigrate, you can ask your friends here for help. They will help you get to know the new environment in advance and get used to the new environment quickly. With friends all over the world, wherever you go you will never feel lonely.

5. Group: GaGaHi makes your friend circle international. Learning English, being a backpacker, studying abroad, immigrating or making friends with foreigners, it is so easy!

6. Video: GaGaHi added video chatting function. You can take photos freely, record what you want, share original funny weird short videos to record every moment in your life. Shooting videos and showing them, you can also add energetic music to your videos. Global live videos and secret beauty video chat are all here!

7. Red Package: GaGaHi red package makes us interact closely. Red package is your best gift. Sending red package, let friends all over the world cheer for it!

GaGaHi also has considerate instant human translation service, which makes global users communicate across language barriers and say hi to the world anytime anywhere.At the same time learn another language through GaGatalk, GaGatalk is your intimate language learning partner.

Get it on:
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4.0.3 and up

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