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Facebook Messenger APK Latest Version Download

facebook messenger apk

Facebook Messenger APK  v112.  latest Version for Android 4.0 and Higher

You can download the Facebook messenger APK latest version file from here.

Facebook messenger is a communication app (as the name suggests) you can easily download it on your android device and use to communicate with your friends/family/relatives/strangers/relatives of strangers/strangers you didn’t even know that existed in this world, just kidding. Facebook messenger just works like text messaging, but without cost, yes you read it right, WITHOUT COST, it uses your Data / W-iFi though, you can send receive text messages, voice mails, voice calls, video calls, multimedia, etc. You can do all this without spending a single penny of your hard earned money. Just connect Facebook Messenger to your Facebook profile, connect your android device to the internet and VOILA you’re done! As easy as it sounds, it also works for the people and contacts that are available in your phonebook.

Facebook Messenger has its unique style and features. It was the one who invented chat heads which are really a unique way to chat via your home screen to all the people in your friends list. It has some amazing new features like camera filters which directly apply to your photo in real time, so that you can see how you would look before taking your photo and the emojis, never forget the emojis, they are so cool and so many, you can find emojis of many categories.

Why use Facebook Messenger?

-Communication made easy: With Facebook Messenger you can easily contact your friends which are added on your facebook profile or are available in your phone book, you can call them, text them, share multimedia with them, etc.

-Its FREE: Facebook Messenger is absolutely free to use, all you have to do is install it on your android device and you can start communicating for absolutely free! Although you need a data connection to make it happens.

– Groups, emojis, multimedia and much more: Facebook messenger enables you to add your friends into a group chat and share your multimedia in that group, make group calls, video calls, etc. Facebook messenger offers a large variety of emojis, camera filters, GIF, and many other ways to make chatting much more fun.

Download Facebook Messenger to find all about it!



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