Axie Infinity Scholarships 2021 Guide

What is the Axie Solar Scholarship ?

The Axie Solar Scholarship is a scholarship for the Axie Infinity blockchain game. The ambition is to promote the Axie Infinity game and economy as we are confident in the potential of this project.

Axie Infinity has launched this scholarship program as a 2021 new year event to help new players to understand this new gaming economy (Play to Earn) and show them how they can make money online and having fun at the same time.

Earn money by doing what you love and you’ll feel like…

In an Axie Scholarship, the manager or guild buys or provides the three Axies that the player (scholar) will use to play the game and earn SLP. This is ideal for players who cannot buy their own teams of 3 Axies. It is also ideal for players who wishes to learn more about Axie first before they make their initial investment. Whether Axie is right for them or not, the Axie Infinity Scholarship can help them with their initial decision.

What the scholar gets when they become part of an Axie Scholarship:

  1. 3 Axies lent out to them so they can start playing.
  2. The guild or the manager provides education on the ins and outs of Axie.
  3. Tips to earn more SLP.
  4. Community support.

So the Axie Scholarship manager or guild will assume all the risk to buy the three Axies to be lent out to the player. In this way, the scholar has a peace of mind that no matter what happens to Axie, they did not put out anything in return.

The best part of becoming a scholar is that they are provided with education on how to play the game. Axie onboarding is very complicated right now. So in scholarships, the player is provided education about crypto, how to cash out, etc.

Requirements to Build an Axie Infinity Scholarship

For entrepreneurs, have this ready:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. MetaMask (download on Google Chrome)
  3. Axie Infinity Account
  4. Ronin Account (download on  Google Chrome)

Of course you also need Axie to lent out.

Step 1: Create the Axie Infinity Account of the Scholar

Create a Ronin Account for the scholar.

Go to Ronin and create there the scholar account. You can choose to input a name that’s similar to the account in MetaMask.

Login with Ronin and MetaMask

Go back to (Make sure your main account is logged out. And what’s selected is the MetaMask and Ronin account of the scholar)

  • Click “Log In” in the upper right. Then choose “Log In Using Ronin”. Approve then sign in.

  • Click “Account Settings” on the menu on the left side, click “Bind your MetaMask account.” (This can be skipped. Even if the scholar binds their own MetaMask, it will ask for approval from Ronin, which is the one you, the manager, controls.)

You have successfully created an Axie Infinity account for your scholar!

You can also create an email address and password that the scholar can use. (You can use the email trick (add +1 or +2 and so on to the primary email) so that only one email is needed. But make sure the passwords are different! Note that even if the scholar decides to change the password, the manager, who controls the main Ronin account can easily change it back.)

Step 2: How to transfer Axie to Scholar’s Account

From the owner account (or manager account), choose the Axie that you will lend out to the scholar:

1. Click “Gift”

2. Input the Ronin Address of the Scholar. Then click “Gift.”

A pop-up will appear to confirm the transaction on Ronin. Click and the Axie will be on its way to the scholar’s account! (The Axie’s level will reset back to 1.)

Repeat the process for the two more Axies to rent out to the Axies.


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